Corporate Travel Management Products

Finding the right tools

How do you do that with the myriad of options available on the world wide web?  Which products does World Travel use and recommend? Do you need to book online, offline or both?  How do you measure program performance/ROI,  traveler satisfaction, adoption, etc?  What tools are out there? Which mobile travel solutions should we recommend to our travelers?

Let's keep it simple.  Below are the products we use.  We buy and manage travel everyday.  Some of our products are proprietary.  They all work well.  They have been vetted.  No need to surf the web and waste hours studying "gap analysis."

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Concur (a.k.a. Cliqbook) is the leading corporate online booking tool in the United States.  World Travel provides Concur to companies for self-service, and for those booking travel on behalf of others'.  Users enjoy one-stop shopping and access to all travel supplier inventory, while providing their companies with a managed online travel environment.



Using non-refundable airline tickets for business is the most cost effective way to fly, but keeping track of unused tickets can be challenging, and costly. TicketManagerSM handles the entire process and eliminates the waste.  Simply put, the tickets are tracked and used again.


World Travel has partnered with TripIt to give you trip management tools for your mobile phone, calendar, and more.  Simply forward confirmation emails from World Travel to and TripIt “automagically” creates one simple, smart itinerary to access on a smartphone, calendar, or anywhere online.



Actionable information is required to manage business travel effectively. World Travel has developed a strategic reporting program, ScoreCardSM, to measure travel purchasing performance. Each metric represents a significant cost driver.  World Travel will provide your company with actionable data to identify purchasing performance related to airfares, lodging and car rental.


Most of our travel itineraries are delivered through Sabre® Virtually There®.  This is an easy and free self-help resource we make available to our customers.  This technology makes it easy to pinpoint all travel details.  Most travelers use the application to retreive the all important e-invoice.  Travelers can access 24/7 via PC or mobile device.



The key to any successful travel management program is happy travelers.  Unhappy travelers tend to make travel arrangements outside the system and outside of company guidelines.  Happy travelers on the other hand will work within the guidelines established by management.  World Travel measures service levels by regularly surveying travelers.  We have tremendous involvement in our survey process and receive grades that are unheard of in our industry.  Our satisfaction ratings exceed 98%. 


GRASP is our web-based reporting tool, which mines travel data from GDS and back-office systems. World Travel offers many online, broadcast and custom report options, allowing us to deliver on-time, on-demand reporting to clients. All data captured is reported on pre-travel, at time of booking and post travel. Ad-hoc reports are available upon request.